Colonoscopy Screening Can Save Your Life


Do I need A Colonoscopy?


With over 140,000 people in the United States alone being diagnosed annually with Colon Cancer, and over 50,000 people dying from Colon Cancer each year, The Colorectal Institute can’t stress enough the importance of Colonoscopy Screening. Colon Cancer does not discriminate by race, money a person earns, by education level achieved, and it affects men and women equally. If you are over 50 and have not had a Colonoscopy Screening do yourself and your loved ones a favor – Get One to be sure you are condition free! If you are over 40 and there is a history of cancer in your gene line, then we urge Colonoscopy Screening now versus waiting until 50.

At The Colorectal Institute we have seen our share of patients that have waited too long in believing they only had a minor case of Hemorrhoids. We have seen patients under 40 with Colon Cancer, and we have seen patients that on the outside are the epitome of health – they eat clean, they exercise like champions, they look like Olympians, they have absolutely zero symptoms, and yet Colon Cancer. Colonoscopy Screening is not a cure for cancer, but it is the best defense you have in detecting this disease early before it grows. With Colon Cancer it is always better to be safe then be saying “If Only I would have, could have, should have”. With regular colonoscopy screening 90% of Colon Cancer deaths are PREVENTABLE – TREATABLE – BEATABLE.

Because Colon Cancer is not merciful, and because Colonoscopy Screening is the best way to catch this disease before it grows, we ask that you please watch the following short videos to become more familiar with Colonoscopy, and to answer many of the questions that you may now have about receiving Colonoscopy Screening:


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