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Being seen by one of our doctors? What you can expect:

The road to care or recovery begins with you calling The Colorectal Institute’s main office phone number, and scheduling an initial consultation with one of our Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Physicians. From your very first contact, we understand and respect your concerns. We know that diseases of the Colon and Rectum can be quite distressing. Therefore, it is the mission of The Colorectal Institute to provide you with the best total medical experience possible while diagnosing, communicating, and treating the colon and or rectal condition you may have. By taking an active role in educating yourself about your condition, you can help reduce many anxieties and or fears you may now have. Please utilize our Patient Center web pages as they are for YOU. Among these pages you will find a variety of information, from what you may expect at your very first physician consultation, to information about our services and surgical protocol, to pre and post-surgical instructions. You will also find information regarding which insurance carriers we accept, self-pay guidelines, and a link to pay your bill online.

After scheduling an initial consultation and before meeting with one of our doctors you will be asked to fill out a NEW PATIENT INFORMATION PACKAGE.    The package will ask you to provide information about your medical history and current condition, your insurance carrier, your agreement or consent to be seen by us as your care provider and will include information about our privacy practices and safeguarding of your protected health information.

Once your new patient information package has been completed and reviewed for any missing information, you will then be promptly seen by one of our Colon and Rectal Medical Specialists.  Our doctors will ask you to describe your symptoms, thoroughly discuss with you your medical history and any medical concerns, and determine if additional testing is needed for diagnosis.  Depending on the anticipated diagnosis, your chosen doctor may order blood work, an MRI, a CT Scan, or a variety of medical tests to ensure you are diagnosed accurately.  Once your test are concluded and their results received, our office will immediately contact you or schedule a follow up appointment to communicate your results with you.   If surgery is needed, your doctor will educate you as to the treatment options available and advise you of their specific recommendations for you.

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If Surgery is Necessary

If it is determined that you have a medical condition that needs surgery, our Scheduler will contact you to arrange for your surgery to be scheduled in one of the hospitals or surgery centers.  Depending upon the type of procedure and your medical condition, you may require some pre-operative lab work and tests to be sure you are fit for surgery.  Our scheduler will arrange this pre-operative testing prior to your procedure, as well as direct you to our website to print out pre-surgery preparation instructions.  The day before your surgery, the hospital will contact you to confirm your arrival time.  This is typically 1-2 hours before your scheduled surgery.  After your surgery occurs, you will be given post-operative care instructions.   After you are released from the hospital you will follow up with your doctor at our office until your health issues and all of your concerns are resolved.


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